Mastering optics with Bartenbach

“Beauty is a question of optics. All sight is an illusion.”

Light in its all its diverse forms and its interaction with the environment opens up a realm of applications to be discovered. We strive to develop our products along this vast spectrum. And hence, is imperative for us to pay special attention to optics. Different lighting applications impose different conditions on the selection of optics in lighting for those applications.

To realize the extraordinary potential of lighting, we have partnered with Bartenbach GmbH, an international leader in the creation and development of state-of-the-art optics.



Our luminaires use unique focus lens that is highly efficient and architecturally integrated. These lenses are available in different beam angles- wide and narrow, to suit your lighting requirements.


The structure of complex surface facets and the highest surface quality allow perfect beam control and optimal colour mixing.


The precisely designed reflectors enable different beam angles in the same type of luminaire with a similar appearance.


Our reflectors deliver on all international standards efficiently while being minimum in sizes.