New identity. Old legacy.

Why we changed our logo and what it means to us

It’s been a thrilling experience of 13 years that has got Plus where it stands today. From our humble beginnings as a retail lighting company, we have now expanded to say, “We have lighting to suit your every need”. It might sound like a simple line, but to make it happen has been a relentless pursuit of creating and innovating products to the best of their quality. In fact, we have been so product-focused throughout these years that in the course we have overlooked our brand image and visual communication. And hence we decided that it is about time that our visual identity reflects all that we stand for and how we are approaching lighting today.

So whilst the company grows, we now proactively want the Plus brand to grow with it.


Old logo

The old logo served its purpose well in our initial years, but as we evolved it started falling short on some fronts. It wasn’t appealing enough, nor was it digital or media-friendly. We realised that such rigidity did not speak of our work and its dynamism at all. Moreover, the logo did not harness the value of “Plus”.  



New logo

We didn’t want to go too far from our old identity, so as to stay connected to our customers who have associated us with the old logo all these years. But, we had to arrive at something that was more representational.

The new logo has been directly inspired by the plus sign. It is a literal representation of the company’s name and a metaphorical representation for the added value, more effectiveness and better quality that Plus delivers with its every offering. And hence it is perfect.