Partnering for a smarter future

Venturing into smart lighting with the help of Lumens & Beyond

Having impacted several generations across the globe, lighting continues to evolve every day and we still want to know what’s next. Today, lighting systems have evolved to the extent that you no longer need to flick the switch! Lights can be controlled with hand-held devices, may it smartphones or tablets, over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Domestic IoT is using integration of virtual assistants, that enables you to control lights through voice commands. Our partnership with L&B is a step towards realizing our vision of lighting creating a lifestyle.

Together, we are co-creating more intelligent, more comprehensive lighting solutions. L&B’s technology enables wireless lights to be controlled over Bluetooth and Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI), as per the configuration of the lighting systems with smart accessories and devices. Plus smart lights can be controlled through an app, in ways, it feels like pure wizardry.