Focus Lighting Limited Warranty

This Focus Lighting Limited Warranty consists of the following parts:

Part 1 – General Terms

Part 2 – Warranty Service Information

Part 1 – General Terms

This Focus Lighting Limited Warranty applies only to products purchased directly from Focus Lighting & Fixtures Ltd.

1.1 What this Warranty Covers? Focus Lighting warrants that each Focus Lighting product that you purchase is free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use during the warranty period which cause the Products to fail to operate in accordance with the specifications set forth in the documentation published or provided with the Products.

The warranty period for the product starts on the original date of purchase as shown on your sales receipt or invoice or as may be otherwise specified by Focus. The warranty period and type of warranty service that apply to your product are as specified in the Sales Quotation or Sales Invoice of your purchase.

This warranty only applies to products in the country or region of purchase.

1.2 Warranty Exclusions

This Warranty applies only when the Products have been properly handled, stored, wired, transported, installed, operated and maintained in accordance with the applicable Specifications, including, without limitation, installation in applications in which ambient temperatures are within the range of specified operating temperatures and operation within the electrical values shown on the Specifications.

Focus Lighting shall have no responsibility under this Warranty for any failure of the Products that results from external causes including without limitation:

  • improper power supply, power surges or dips, and/or excessive switching
  • power failure; fatigue failure or similar phenomena resulting from induced vibrations, harmonic oscillation or resonance associated with movement of air currents around the Product
  • physical damage
  • exposure to adverse or hazardous chemicals or other substances; use of reactive cleaning agents and/or harsh chemicals to clean the Products
  • animal or insect activity
  • acts of nature, environmental conditions; vandalism; fire
  • fault or negligence of the purchaser of the Products, any end user of the Products and/or any third parties not engaged by Focus Lighting, improper or unauthorized use, installation, handling, storage, alteration, maintenance or service, including failure to abide by any product classifications or certifications, or failure to comply with any applicable standards, codes, recommendations, product specification sheets
  • use of Products with products, processes or materials supplied by the purchaser of the Products, any end user or third parties, or any other occurrences beyond Focus Lighting’s reasonable control.
  • In addition, Focus Lighting shall have no responsibility under this Warranty for any substantial deterioration in the Product finish that is caused by failure to clean, inspect or maintain the finish of the Products. During the Warranty Period some staining, chalking or fading may occur. This is normal aging of the finish and is not a manufacturing defect; therefore it is not covered by this Warranty. Neither polycarbonate nor acrylic material used in the Products is warranted against yellowing, as yellowing may naturally occur over time due to normal aging.
  • If the Products are used on existing foundations, anchorages or structures, the purchaser of the Products and/or any end user is solely responsible for the structural integrity of such existing foundations, anchorages or structures and all consequences arising from their use.
  • Focus Lighting does not offer warranties for fixture anchorage structures not manufactured by Focus Lighting. Any non-Focus Lighting fixture anchorage structures shipped by Focus Lighting are subject to the applicable warranty provided by such manufacturer. Focus Lighting is not responsible for any costs or expenses relating to defective claims, repairs or replacements on such non-Focus Lighting fixture anchorage structures.


1.3 How to Obtain Warranty Service If the product does not function as warranted during the warranty period, you may obtain warranty service by contacting Focus Lighting via email – customercare@pluslighttech.com or Toll Free Number 1800 1201 11999

A list of customer service contacts and their telephone numbers is available at: www.pluslighttech.com/customersupport

Warranty service may not be available in all locations and may differ from location to location. In certain areas Shipping Charges may apply outside our normal service area. Contact your Focus Lighting representative for information specific to your location.

1.4 Customer Responsibilities for Warranty Service Before warranty service is provided, you must take the following steps:

  1. Follow the service request procedures specified by the Focus Lighting Customer Complaint Coordinator or Sales Support Representative (referred to as Service Provider henceforth).


  1. Follow instructions in the Complaint Acknowledgement or Installation instructions for uninstalling any product or part from the lighting system.


  1. Pack defective parts or products you are returning in the original packing, packing sent along with the replacement or packing that is suitable to ensure safe delivery of the parts/products to our Service Centre


  1. Arrange Gate Pass or other documentation required by our Courier Agency for pick-up of defective parts/products or the delivery of replacement part or products at your site


  1. If necessary provide the Service Provider with sufficient, free, and safe access to your facilities to uninstall the product or provide service at site.

Part 2 : Warranty Service Information

2.1 Types of Warranty Service

Focus Lighting has four modes of correcting problems with products that are within the warranty period.

  1. CRU Replacement
  2. On-Site Service
  3. Product Repair
  4. Product Replacement


  1. The Focus Lighting Customer Service Representative will determine and

recommend the best course of action for your particular site.

  1. The registering of a complaint is mandatory for initiating any of the below

processes. The Service Provider will send you an email acknowledgement with a 6-digit complaint number by after your complaint is duly registered.

  1. A Return Material Authorization will be sent to you to confirm the initiation of the

replacement or repair process.

  1. CRU Replacement

In the event of a malfunctioning product caused due to failure of a customer replaceable unit (CRU), Focus Lighting will arrange a replacement of the defective part or sub-system of the product to restore the original functionality of the product. This replacement will be sent to the customer on Focus Lighting’s Complaint Co-ordinator raising a Return Material Authorization or the actual receipt of the defective parts.

Installation of Self-service CRUs is your responsibility. You may request that a Service Provider install Optional-service CRUs under one of the other types of warranty service designated for your product.

The requirement to return a defective CRU will be specified in the Complaint Acknowledgement or communicated by the Service Provider. You may be charged for the replacement CRU if the Service Provider does not receive the defective CRU from you within thirty (30) days of your receipt of the replacement CRU.

A CRU Replacement could be triggered or initiated by either of the below events.

Trigger Event Description Replacement Document
a) RMA RMA raised by Focus Complaint Co-ordinator Invoice. Cancelled with Credit Note within 30days on receipt of defectives. Else charged
b) Receipt of Defective Receipt of Defective at Focus Service Centre Delivery Challan
c) Defective Pick-up Courier AWB Confirmation of Courier pickup of Defectives at Customer Site with AWB Delivery Challan


  1. On-Site Service

In cases where the faulty part is not a Customer Replaceable Unit the Service Provider will either repair or exchange the product at your location. Some repairs may need to be completed at a service centre. If so, the Service Provider will send the product to the service centre at its expense.

  1. Product Repair

Under Product Repair, your product will be repaired or exchanged at a designated service centre, with shipping at the expense of the Service Provider. You are responsible for disconnecting the product and packing it in the original shipping container of the product or that of a similar type to return your product to a designated service centre. A courier will pick up your product and deliver it to the designated service centre. The service centre will return the product to you at its expense.

The Service Provider will make the required repairs/replacement of parts to restore the full functionality of the product.

  1. Product Replacement

Under Product Replacement Service, Focus Lighting will ship a replacement product to your location either against same trigger events as in CRU Replacement. You are responsible for its installation and verification of its operation. The replacement product becomes your property in exchange for the failed product, which becomes the property of Focus Lighting. You must pack the failed product in the shipping carton in which you received the replacement product and return it to Focus Lighting. Transportation charges, both ways, shall be at Focus Lighting’s expense.

If you fail to use the carton in which the replacement product was received, you may be responsible for any damage to the failed product occurring during shipment.

NOTE: You may be charged for the replacement product if Focus Lighting does not receive the failed product within thirty (30) days of your receipt of the replacement product.

2.2 Parts & Product Replacement Condition

  1. When warranty service involves the replacement of a product or part, the

replaced product or part becomes Focus Lighting’s property and the replacement product or part becomes your property.

  1. Only unaltered Focus Lighting products and parts are eligible for replacement. The replacement product or part provided by Focus Lighting may not be new, but it will be in good working order and at least functionally equivalent to the original product or part.
  2. The replacement product or part shall be warranted for the balance of the

period remaining on the original product.

  1. If the Service Provider determines that it is unable to either repair or replace your product, your sole remedy under this Limited Warranty is to return the product to Focus Lighting for a refund of your purchase price.