The Plus Effect

The Plus Effect is the added value that our lighting solutions deliver in terms of color, details, depth and texture.

Power of illumination

Our ranges of products are spread-out along this vast spectrum.

Modular Lighting Pole

Exclusive extruded aluminum structure (City Module Concept).

New Outdoor Range

Range of Outdoor lights gives glare free light with class leading luminous efficacy.
A standout exterior lighting solution, this outdoor LED bollard uses smooth forms and long lines to accentuate key elements in your exterior decor.

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Tata Starbucks, Fort

The Fort store was the first store in India opened on October 19, 2012. This store’s design reflects India’s coffee traditions, heritage and local culture, with artifacts, materials and design elements created by local craftspeople and artists.

The result is a harmonious symbiosis between light & art.

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