At Plus, we create value by adding beauty and functionality to illumination.

Founded in 2005, our comprehension of lighting has always begun from the point of its association with the environment. At Plus, we are committed to innovate lighting technology in the relation of the environment it influences, creating desire at the point of sale.With this keen sensibility and extensive research, we develop holistic retail lighting solutions that meet the highest international standards in terms of technology as well as aesthetics.

Meet the team

Our commitment to service and a direct contact with our clients has come a long way in establishing innumerable long-term bonds. We are a comprehensive support to our partners and clients at every stage, from offering proprietary lighting concepts with a guarantee of aesthetic and functionally distinguished solutions, to technically and architecturally appropriate installation that can be incorporated into a variety of environments.
A team of proficient and dedicated product design professionals, lighting consultants and engineers constantly innovate while developing new products at Plus.

The idea of light

At Plus, our comprehension of lighting technology starts with exploring light in all its diverse forms. We then move forward with a keen sensibility that lighting is always in association with the environment it has to influence. It enables us to design lighting solutions that deliver value by adding beauty and functionality to illumination. At the core of our lighting philosophy are; form, emotion and function.


It is the purpose of a product, which we extend to performance and efficiency. This enables our products to achieve optimum lighting parameters such as luminous intensity, freedom from glare and better colour rendering.


It is the visible configuration of how a product exists and appears. We focus on creating techno-aesthetic designs that are beautiful, simple and elegant- identifying with our perception of light itself.


Our solutions are deeply inspired by the emotional response people have to light. ‘How is the lighting supposed to make you feel?’ is the question we ask before anything else.

Who we are?

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Magnus - Power of BOLD

Highly advanced R&D and testing facility

For the past few years, Plus has invested in a highly advanced R&D and testing facility in Mumbai. Our light fittings are subjected to a wide variety of test procedures; including tasks we carry out in our in-house Photometry Lab equipped with a full-field goniophotometer and a spectroradiometer with a 2-meter integrated sphere. This enables us to create even better, more energy efficient and higher quality products for our customers in the future.Energy optimisation is central to retail lighting and is even more important today than it ever was.

Our research and development work is geared towards ever more efficient and durable lighting solutions that go beyond short-term trends. Consequently, our focus on trendsetting LED technology and the desire to push future-oriented innovations encourages us to create new LED products - the perfect balance of efficiency and design.

We aspire to greatness in everything we do.

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