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About Hewen

Designed to seamlessly blend with your decor, the LED light's sleek and contemporary aesthetics make it a standout feature in any room.

Featuring advanced LED technology, this Hewen light interior solution offers energy-efficient lighting without compromising on brightness.

Illuminate your living spaces with style and efficiency using the Hewen Light by Plus Light Tech

Technology & Innovation

Aluminium die-cast body and heat sink with electrostatic 100% polyester plant finish.Stainless steel springs.

Colors are available in brushed steel, brushed gold, brushed broze, black and white.

The structure of complex surface facets and the highest surface quality allow perfect beam control and optimal color mixing.

Developed in partnership with Bartenbach GmbH.

Lightcore is built based on micro surfaces with complex geometry coated with aluminium alloy, creating a high-gloss, entirely mirrored surface.

Reflectors that use unique combination of free-form technology and microfacets to exceed conventional standards.

Accurate reflector for a defined and controlled beam of light, achieving maximum efficiency.

Light Effect