Perdu One


Product Family

About Perdu One

This high-end luminaire is aimed at being an invisible source of light, designed to achieve focused light without any glare.

A sleek and elegant surface design completely flushed to have the light source at the surface of the ceiling.

Illuminate your living spaces with style and efficiency using the Perdu One Light by Plus Light Tech.

Technology & Innovation

Intuitive fixture assembly makes it easier for the workers to assemble and pack while equally convenient to fit in the ceiling, thus making it an extremely user-friendly design.

Lens that use unique combination of free-form technology and microfacets to exceed conventional standards.

Perdu explores the vast possibilities of lighting with each fixture, compatible with any reflector.

The structure of complex surface facets and the highest surface quality allow perfect beam control and optimal colour mixing.

This range truly explores the possibilities of lighting with each type of fixture compatible with every Lens.

Light Effect