Perdu Trimless


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About Perdu Trimless

Discover the wonder of lighting with its source so obscure, it hides in plain sight to enhance the observed surroundings.

It's versatile design makes it an ideal fit for various applications, be it as a spot light for houses, a dramatic ceiling illumination, or a focal point in commercial spaces.

Illuminate your living spaces with style and efficiency using the Perdu Trimless Light by Plus Light Tech.

Technology & Innovation

The Perdu downlight linear trimless lighting fixtures are designed to achieve a very unique and appealing lighting aesthetic by creating a near invisible source of light while delivering stellar light quality.

At the same time, it imparts great importance to techno-aesthetic design and high efficiency.

Perdu through its innovative lighting technology achieves exact lighting control without any glare with its almost invisible source of light.

A state-of-the-art ceiling recessed luminaire for a more muted source of light that offers unparalleled visual comfort.

The masterful placement of cool white and warm white LEDs together in one lens, provides uniform and natural lighting for high visual comfort.

Light Effects